Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I hope you enjoyed your summer. Did anyone do anything fun?

I spent my summer taking classes and reading. As a team, the math department participated in one week of IMP training and one week of Japanese Lesson Study. In addition, I attended a summer institute for National Board Certification. This school year, I will be working on my National Boards. If you have any video production experience, please let me know. Part of the requirements is to videotape our classes.

Mr. Remiasz and I have been working on the syllabus. We are planning on doing several IMP units and then finishing the year off with several Precalculus topics. There is now a Precaculus CLEP exam. Senior may want to think about taking the exam, which may give them college credit. Mr. Remiasz and I are also thinking about taking it.

I strongly encourage you to purchase several quad-ruled composition books from Staples. As of yesterday, they were still $1.00 each -- Thanks Mr. Lin. You will also need a TI graphing calculator. I recommend the TI-84 Plus Silver, which is also on sale at Staples for $99 after rebates. But any of the TI products will do.

I recommend reading some of the recent posts -- college readiness and grading philosophies. Also, watch this video and leave a comment.

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