Saturday, April 18, 2009


A student asked for some information on probability.

Here is a link.

Here is another link.

Does that help?

I also found this on ACT's website. It has some more practice tests, if you need them.

As you probably are already aware, here are the topics covered in the math portion of the ACT test.

And how about this...On the Math Test, a D+ Is a Pretty Good Grade!

On a normal test for your high school math class, if you get two-thirds of the questions right, you’ll receive something like a D-plus—not exactly a parent-impressing grade. But if you get two-thirds of the questions right on the ACT, you’ll likely end up with a Math score of 24 or 25, scoring several points higher than the average test taker. Not too shabby. -- from SparkNotes

SparkNotes also has a good review section.

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