Monday, October 15, 2007

HW14: Cart Before the Ferris Wheel

In this assignment, the diver is released exactly 25 seconds after the Ferris wheel began turning from its 3 o'clock position.

1. What is his x-coordinate as he falls?

2. Where should the cart start out so that the diver will fall into the tub of water on the cart?

Suggestions? Questions? Hints?

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Kristen J said...

The x-coord stays the same from when he is released to when he would hit the water so you can use the equation for the x-coord of the diver. For the second question I think you could use the equation for the x-coord of the cart to find out where it should start. However you need to know the fall time and to figure that out use the equation we came up with for fall time plugging in the wheel time. Then use that answer in the other equation. I have not checked to see if that works though.