Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moving Carts, Turning Ferris Wheel

Today we talked about HW14. If W=25 seconds, what will the x-coordinate of the diver be? Where should the cart start out so that the diver will fall into the tub of water on the cart?

Using the HW14, we again attempted to find the value of W for our Unit Problem. What did people do to try to find W? Did you find a range of possible answers for W? Did you find a value for W?


Nita Gjurgjiali' said...

I know its kinda late and ppl will probably not see my comment but i just am really tired and dont want to keep guessing so i graphed two of the formulas from the four and i found where they intersected at x so there is the answer...good night :)

NiTa' said...

by the way that was the method used for the second question, for the first question problem #14 is a different way