Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Analytical Rakim...I Know You Got Sine

Its been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
without a math POW to get you
think of how many math problems you slept through
times up, I'm sorry I kept you
thinking of this, you keep repeating you missed
concepts and formulas from the wheel of ferris
And you sit with your calculator, hands on the buttons soon
As you hear it, pump up the volume
Hurting your brain, until you hear it blow
Then plug in "y equals", cause here it goes
Its a 4 letter word when its heard it reminds
trigonometric functions (you got it) sine
Nine degrees a second like angular speed
height to the center, thats what we need
when the wheel is moving, you can't get stuck with
the diver's position, so you can come up with
a time to fall, past the 3 o'clock, the wheel will go
Plus knowing that the cart left a long time ago
It can be done, but only you can do it
For those that understand, then clap you hands to it
You start to think, and then you sink
onto the platform and in a blink
You're calculating, looking at the intersect lines
You tell the diver to jump at the right time...
You got sine

You got it (4x)
I know you got sine...

Picture a graph, the points are empty
A grid like this might tempt me
To pose, show my skills and my phat TI
grab a clock like I needed PI
but i'll wait, cause i mastered this
let the others go first so that the groups dont miss

............sorry......i just had to get that off of my chest......

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