Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jena6 POW

Our Jena 6 POW is due Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2007.

Please use the comments to discuss the POW. What have people tried? What seems to work? What type of math is important to solve this problem?

Notice that the write up is slightly different than the previous POWs.

Here are some links to websites about Jena 6.

As you may have experienced before, there are two sided to every story. We have to try to understand the bias in things we read.

Here are some more links about Jena6 that are trying to provide the "truth".

What do you think really happened?

Here is a link to the POW.


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Courtney C. said...

My question about the Jena 6 POW concerns the fashion in which we are suppose to answer question #1?
-Because although the question( #1) is asking us to prove whether or not we think that the jury was truly random and in accordance with the demographics, how will we prove this matematicaly? It seems more like an opinion-based questions, even though the demographics are provided.
(The other questions are fine, because they are more explicit).

Mr. Marti said...


i think #1 is asking us to use the voter information to determine what a truly random jury would look like.

For example, if half of Jena's voting population were Black, then I would expect half of the jury to be Black.

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Anonymous said...

My question is in the warm-up the problem asked about 4 people in total 2 girls 2 boys and putting them into group of 2 how would we sovle it if we have a odd number of people and a odd number of groups like 7 jury members???
Do we solve it in the same way??? Because aren’t we always going to have one left over?
Sara V

Anonymous said...

I'm really confused did anyone come up with a reasonable way to find the answer to questiin 1 & 2?


Guadalupe said...

For number 1 I made a proportion. x/12 =85.6%/100% and solved for x.
x=? and thats what i got for the amount of people in the jury that should have been white

Guadalupe said...

I need help with problem number 3. Is there an equation that we can use?

Anonymous said...

I figured out number 1 & 2 already, i meant to say number 3 & 4. I tried to do smaller numbers and try a pattern; but i cant find a pattern. ~Audriana~

Dom G said...

ok i think if we had like amazing super calc's what we could do is
for question 3 and
2154!/12 for question 4

but we can't
soo bah humbug
but then agian i'm not even too sure on that

Anonymous said...

yeah i know, I tried that! But the numbers are too big and it keep coming up error and overflow!! If we can reduce the number maybe it could work!~Audriana~

Janese said...

Ok I did 1-4 but I still don't know how to use that to find a the proportion of this occuring. How do you set that equation up?