Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here are some copies of Final Exams from various math courses at Southern Illinois University.

Math 107 -- Intermediate Algebra
Math 108 -- College Algebra
Math 111 -- Precalculus

Are there any problems from the Math 107 final that we should talk about?

#18 relates to what we are currently doing. #30, 32, and 33 are good ones as well. For #33, what dimensions would create a box with the largest volume?

I also like #27 from the College Algebra final.


Anonymous said...

I need help with HW7

Mr. Marti said...

Where are you having difficulties?

Anonymous said...

Maybe some more intense material for those who need it.

Mr. Marti said...
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Mr. Marti said...

Any suggestions? What do you consider intense? I have no problem supplementing what we are working on with more intense materials. Is there anything from these finals that you would be interested in?

Anonymous said...

Suggestions from the finals include more work with "logs", perhaps work with non-interger exponents, or inverse functions. Basically learning concepts that have not been taught.