Thursday, September 11, 2008

Formative Quiz 1

Okay, so we had our first quiz. It was a formative quiz, meaning that it was for feedback and not for a score. We had an opportunity to discuss the results of the quiz with our group. Tomorrow, we will have a summative quiz, which is for a score.

What concerns, questions, or comments do you have about the formative quiz?

Do you think the results of the formative quiz will help you to perform well on the summative quiz?

Was the feedback you got from me effective? Were you able to understand what you needed to do?

Out of curiousity, do other teachers also give formative/practice quizzes?


Alittlelost said...

im nervous about tomorow's quiz.i dont feel like i fully understand the material.math is one of my worst subjects.i thought i was going to do good on the last quiz,but i was kinda off.i still have questions about the material as a whole

Mr. Marti said...

Can you post a question here? Hopefully a classmate will answer your question.

Have you looked at the homework site? I posted the solutions to the quiz there.

I will be available tomorrow morning -- around 7:30 -- in the math office. Ms. Jones will also be available to answer any questions.