Monday, November 3, 2008

More on the portfolio & assessment

Reminder: You can ONLY use the portfolio on the unit assessment. Your Appendix section has no page limit.

Here are the solutions to Quiz 6.
Here is a copy of the study guide we passed out today.
And finally, here are solutions to the study guide.


Anonymous said...

On the rubric it says we need to complete the "WHAT WHY HOW" organizer for each assignment we include, however I recall Mr. Marti saying we don't have to include that organizer and we are allowed to just include them.

Is this true?

Mr. Marti said...

The "WHAT WHY HOW" NEEDS to be completed for your 5 assignments that correspond to your learning outcomes.

You DO NOT have to fill out the "WHAT WHY HOW" for the additional documents you include in your appendix.

Anonymous said...

will we be graded on the homework/classwork in our appendix?

Mr. Marti said...

No, you will not be graded on the items in your appendix.