Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Should We Do?

There are some CRAZY people out there....

Last week, the Math Department went to a dinner at DePaul University to celebrate our Research Lesson Study. I got some really good feedback from people that attended our lesson. They were really impressed by the group conversations that happened during the lesson. Several commented on how you (the students) were able to discuss different answers and decide which ones met the criteria and which ones didn't meet the criteria. Ms. Fulton and Mr. Bywater are planning on re-doing the lesson in March, infront of an even bigger audience. I saw pictures of the lesson, but they are still working on the video.

While at the dinner, I mentioned about our class wanting to rent out the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. One of the dinner hosts was really excited about that, and has promised to make some phone calls. Hopefully, he is able to excite some more people.

Ms. Jones will be finishing up her Student Teaching soon. I think her last day is in 2 weeks, but I will have to double check. What should we do, if anything? Ideas? Suggestions?


Thisguy said...


paaaarty said...

We should make a big poster and have all her students sign it!

And have a party!

And be allowed to sing to her!!!

And play fun [no math] games!!

Nadia said...

Glad to hear they liked out discussion. We should rent out the ferris wheel!... but no one has to jump, right? Can we drop stuff off of it instead?? If we promise not to hit any innocent bystanders, of course.

I think we should definitely do something for Ms. Jones! A poster/card thing for everyone to sign sounds nice...