Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ocean Tide

Today we talked about Shelly and her sandcastles.
Here is the Sand Sculpture Capital of the World.

How do you think they made this?

This one reminds of me of my daughter's book, "Hands, hands, fingers, thumb...one thumb, one thumb, drumming on a drum".

Now this is cool. How big do you think it is?

Back to our work....

To solve #4 from HW6, we discussed several strategies. We said we could use the "trace" function on the calculator. That worked pretty well. Then someone discussed how we could use the table on the calculator. This gave us more precise numbers, especially when we changed the increments on the table. A third strategy was to graph the equation y = -10 and use the "calculate" function to find the intersection points. This would definately give us the correct answer.

How could we do this algebraically?

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Thisguy said...

Solve for x by using inverse sine. Afterwards, since the distance to the lowest point = distance from lowest point to -10. Solve for the lowest point. Subtract the x values, and double it.