Friday, December 12, 2008


The Physics teachers (thanks Mr. Lin and Ms. Kovacs) said that we are not done with HighDive. They said that it's okay to neglect the wind resistance, to neglect the "mass" of the diver, to neglect the friction in the bearing of the Ferris wheel, to neglect the fact that we would need Hulk Hogan to hold the diver by his legs, and to neglect the unlikeliness of a diver being able to actually dive into the cart and not SMASH his face on the bottom of it.

BUT, there were adamantly against us not taking the initial velocity of the diver into account.

What do they mean by the "initial velocity" of the diver?


Amanda said...

For the POW, do we need a parent/guardian to assess the rough draft as well as the final? Or just the final?

Mr. Marti said...


You will only need a parent/guardian assessment for you final draft of the POW writeup.

Conan said...

Sadly, I must agree. =[