Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pythagorean Properties for Trigonometry

This page has a bunch of trigonometric properties.

This site derives the different pythagorean properties.
Here is trig property matching site.


Anonymous said...

hey mr.marti

i wasnt able to give u my pow write up today..

can i just scan all my work and requirements and email it to u.

i was told we were allowed to email...


Thisguy said...

I particularly enjoy looking at the drop of visits to the site once the Friday before winter break hit, and the low numbers of visits throughout the break since then.

Thisguy said...

While I seem to be on a rant, I highly suggest this video, I find it particularly interesting. However, one should think one step deeper than the statistics, they can be manipulated for use. For example, what is the intention or meaning behind the statistics?