Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank you for your support

The Jones Math Department wants to thank everyone that participated in our Research Lesson. This summer our department joined the Lesson Study Group. We worked collaboratively on the research lesson and invited guests from across the city to come observe the lesson and give our department feedback on the lesson.

We got some really good feedback -- things that were well done in the lesson, things that were confusing about the lesson, and things that were not done well in the lesson. Even though it "hurts" to receive candid feedback, we are excited by it, as it will improve our instruction.

The volunteers should be very proud of themselves. The observers were very impressed by the way your groups were able to evaluate the different graphs and determine which graphs met the criteria and which graphs did not meet the criteria. They mentioned that typically teachers hold the authority in class -- that teachers validate correct answers to students. But in this lesson, students were the authority and validated the correct answers. The observers also made several comments on how well groups worked collaboratively by sharing and discussing ideas.

Again, the math department cannot thank you enough for your participation in our research lesson.

Tom McDougal
Dr. Takahashi
Dr. Powers
Margie Pligge
Salik Mukarram
The Jones staff

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