Monday, October 27, 2008

Small World Portfolio

We are a couple of days away from finishing our Small World Unit. With that, we will have a Unit Assessment and we will create a Unit Portfolio.

Remember this sheet I passed out at the beginning of the unit?
Well, now is a good time to go through the sheet and identify homework assignments, classwork assignments, and quiz questions that relate to the outcomes/goals.
For your portfolio, you will be required to select either a homework or classwork for each outcome/goal of the unit. The assignment that you select for the goal must have a fully explained and correct solution. It doesn't matter how well you understood the assignment at the time it was assigned. Now is your opportunity to demonstrate what you currently understand.
More specific information about the portfolio will be given in class in the near future.
Leave a comment to compare your opinions about some of the assignments and their learning outcomes.


Anonymous said...

Since you are giving extra credit for the Other Grammys are you planning to give extra credit for other cultural events at Jones such as the Asian Club Show or the ALAS fest?

And just putting it out there, are there any comments on the recent arrests in the plot to assassinate Obama?

If you haven't heard...

Mr. Marti said...

Yes, I will give extra credit for other events at school.