Friday, October 31, 2008

"Small World" Portfolio and Unit Assessment

Any questions about the portfolio? The unit assessment?

Here are the requirements and the rubric for the unit portfolio.

Here is a pdf of supplemental materials from a Precalculus course at Arkansas Tech University. Sections 1-20 are all applicable to our Small World Unit.
For Example:

  • Page 11 has examples on Rate of Change
  • Page 15 discusses Linear Functions
  • Page 18 goes into formulas of Linear Functions
  • Page 30 show how to find the Inputs and Outputs of Functions
  • Page 51 discusses Exponential Functions
  • Page 55 compares Exponential Functions and Linear Functions
If you want to "read" the book that the Arkansas Tech University Precalc class uses, here is a preview. If you want to actually buy this book, buy it used from a used textbook site like alibris. I think it is a really good reference book.

Here is anther pdf comparing Expnential and Linear Functions.


Anonymous said...

Is a full finished draft due tomorrow in class or can our portfolio be partially done?

Mr. Marti said...

Only a draft for tomorrow -- so it can be partically done. However, the more complete it is, the better feedback you will receive.